Rachel Quinteros

Rachel Quinteros is a jewellery artist who works primarily with precious metals and stones.  In her Kitchener studio she creates one of a kind, custom, and limited production pieces.  Rachel has always had a passion for artistic expressions.  She has developed a strong grasp of shape, colour, and design through her years of experience in hair styling.  While attending Haliburton School of the Arts, Rachel discovered a new voice medium.  Inspired by the properties of metals and how her work was received by those who saw it, she founded Rd Designs in the summer of 2009.


“Whatever I am creating, from sculpting hair to unique jewellery pieces, my creative energies come from deep within and can only be expressed with my hands.  Experimentation with texture and patinas has inspired my multidimensional pieces. It is through this creative process that mysterious shapes and asymmetrical designs emerge. These pieces draw upon everyday life and nature and reflect the spontaneity of lines, shapes, and textures establishing cross-sections of design.  My pieces are created to remain fresh and interesting, not only for the wearer, but also the observer.”